& we are it’s makers

I drew this on my mirror about a year ago this time in the midst of some sincere need of direction. I’d quit my first career two years prior and let’s just say it was a character building process in what was a slow process in finding the character. You don’t realize how much of […]

is this real life?

There’s an artist who lives in all of us in some way, shape or form. I believe it. We’re born into a mold of how our caretakers perceive the world to work; whether it be the family we’re born into or the village it takes to raise the child. I grew up in a variety […]

general human frustrations

I think it’s easy to compare ourselves to other people on social media because we tend to post the highlights rather than the stuff we wish we could do over, and that’s definitely me. I just don’t think it makes us seem very real or relatable. I know I’d rather you see my happiest moments […]

a few short thoughts on love & relationships

I’m overthinking this post already, I’m sure, but I’ll simplify if I can – Relationships are hard. In any capacity. Mother, father, child, friend, brother, sister, cousin, boss, client, co-worker, spouse or a significant someone we have in our lives whose label is hard to define. Whoever. They’re really, really hard sometimes; the important ones, […]


It’s early October 2013 and it’s hot; it still feels like Summer. I’m settling into the ripe young age of twenty-two and it’s one of those sweet, sweet times in life. “Vanilla Skies” aren’t just a phrase but they’re hovering over the crowd as we file into the gates of the OKC Airpark to see the Lumineers. My […]

it is written

Life is blurry right now because it’s moving so quickly, but the pillow I rest my head on when I go to bed at night is my own, and I’m grateful for this because it hasn’t been for a while. It’s hard having your stuff scattered in different places when you’re moving around, and scattered […]